Alarmy v24.11.02 MOD APK (Premium Unlocked)

Alarmy Challenge Alarm Clock is an alarm application that helps you wake up and do a specific activity to stay awake. The alarm feature will not be turned off if these elements are not completed correctly. In addition, you can also make various requests until you are fully awake or use different tones to prevent you from going back to sleep.

What is Alarmy?


The feature that users can find in Alarmy’s Challenge Alarm Clock is to help them wake up correctly. Its features are similar to those of other alarm apps in that you can set settings related to time, loud ringtones, and many other factors. At the same time, the app also ensures your waking frequency becomes higher through ways to keep you awake. Surely, you will not be able to ignore these features.


There are different types of work that you can do in Alarmy, like searching for an object. Specifically, the application will ask you to complete the task of finding any object, and you will begin to focus on the search. In addition, you also receive requests to scan barcodes or QR codes, and these requests sometimes force you to move to complete, and if you fail to do so, the alarm will continue to sound.


Besides finding an object to scan with Alarmy, Challenge Alarm Clock, you can also do some exercise. Surely, after making this request, you will be able to fully awake because you have undergone some light exercises suitable for your condition. You can move with the specified number of steps or do a light squat. So when you have completed these exercises, you will feel completely awake.


If you don’t want to exercise, then Alarmy’s Challenge Alarm Clock also gives you some other interesting options. You will get questions on different topics, like math, and sure, you will need to be alert to answer them. At the same time, a more difficult type of exercise for those who are still sleepy is to type short sentences correctly. These sentences are often quoted with encouraging meanings, and you will feel motivated to start the day.


When you use the app, you’ll be assured of your level of alertness while performing activities. The activities listed above will make you use your brain to solve problems or push you to move to wake up your body. In addition, the application has a sobriety index, and depending on how well you do it, questions will appear to a certain degree. So you have to try to complete them to be able to wake up.


There are many points to note when you use the application so that you can not continue to sleep. You absolutely must complete the requirements provided by the application to become awake, and at that time, you cannot go back to sleep. Also, you can’t turn off the alarm completely because the app’s feature can only be turned off once the requests have been completed. So it minimizes how often you turn off your alarm, go back to sleep, and spend a significant amount of time.


In addition to the measures that help you feel awake, the application also allows you to use a second sound as an alarm tone. In other words, waking you up will be continuous, and you will often choose loud volumes to prevent you from falling back to sleep. You will try the first day and gradually form a good habit to avoid wasting time if you are a completely busy person. It is an application that you should not miss.

  • Users will experience the basic alarm feature as they can set the alarm tone and time, and these features will not be turned off easily.
  • When the tone appears, you’ll see a specific request that needs to be fulfilled, and if not, the tone will not be silenced and will continue to sound.
  • You can use two tones with different intensities, and sure enough, they are loud and can affect your sleep and wake you up.
  • The tasks you need to do are diverse such as finding an object, solving a puzzle, exercising, and reading inspirational quotes.
  • You won’t go back to sleep when your brain and body are constantly awakened with activities and features that will help form a good habit.
  • Highest-rated alarm clock app in the world, with 4.6 stars from over 1,000,000 reviews!
  • Crazy loud ringtone sounds for heavy sleepers and night owls, as well as gentle alarm clock sounds for morning people who want to wake up without any worries.
  • Photo Mission – Wake up and take a photo of the registered place to dismiss your alarm.
  • Math Mission – Solve simple or advanced math problems and kick start your brain.
  • Barcode Mission – Scan the barcode or QR code you registered to turn the alarm off.
  • Shake Mission – Shake your phone up to 999 times to wake up your body.
  • Wake Up Check – If you worry you might fall back asleep, worry no more. Wake Up Check will check on you until you prove you’re fully awake.
  • Backup Sound – Sometimes your alarm I’ll just doesn’t get you up. But if you wait for too long, you get a second, very loud alarm.
  • Time Pressure – Get AI voice dictation of the exact time and a custom message every single minute until you turn your alarm off.
  • Typing Mission – Type a few motivational quotations into your keyboard to energize yourself as you get up
  • Step Mission – Get out of bed and take 10 or 20 or 50 steps to get moving right away.
  • Ad-Free Experience – Remove all ads, and customize what you do or don’t see, such as the weather & news, or the farewell dialog.
  • Start sticking to your morning routine.

Mod Info:

  • Premium Unlocked.
  • CPU Architecture support:- arm64 & arm
  • 100 % Working


Device ArchitectureDownload Button
Alarmy v24.11.02 (Universal)Download
Alarmy v24.11.02 (Arm 64)Not Available
Installation Guide
  1. Download the app from the link given above.
  2. Go to Settings on your Android device. {If you have “Install from unknown sources” settings enabled, skip to step 6}
  3. Here, click on the option named Security.
  4. Here, under Device Administrator, look for Unknown Sources.
  5. Turn on the Install from Unkown Sources.
  6. Then install the apk.
  7. That’s it! Enjoy.
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